Who we are?
Orbit started business in Hong Kong in 1997. Initially just trading in household and electronic products, we have quickly grown into a brand known by millions of consumers around the world.
We are an innovative, creative company and base all of our products on what we think our customers really want. We understand what our consumers want and need in their daily lives, and then provide quality, affordable solutions.
This is reflected in our corporate motto:
Living life with you everyday!!!
We currently manufacture over 60 different products per year under the Orbit brand name, and continue to grow quickly – both in terms of volume and product range. We have grown aggressively and quickly since 1997, but still know that no matter how big we get, customers will always appreciate a personal touch. We aim to be the global supplier that provides the most local service.
We try to provide a One-Stop-Solution service to our business partners, taking care of every aspect of your order with the minimum of fuss. Whether you are buying from our existing product range or we are developing a whole new product for you, we will make the whole process as simple and trouble free for you as possible. Based in Asia, so you don’t have to be!
Asia in general, and China in particular, is well-known as the manufacturing heart of today¡¯s world. Low cost hi-tech plants make it an attractive production location, but it can be a daunting place for a western company to do business. It is not always easy to find reliable, trustworthy and ethical production facilities.This is where we come into picture by bringing you the best of both worlds….a Far East manufacturer adept at creating a localised feel to our products in your region.
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What we do?
With a wide range of production facilities, Orbit factories can OEM / ODM almost
any household appliance & entertainment electronics product our customers intend to develop.As such we welcome innovation and collaboration in product development.
We give you ….
Our own design teams.
Our design staff produce innovative and original design ideas. We have specialists in many different fields ¨C some focusing on our household product designs, while others make sure that our hi-tech goods, such as DVD players incorporate the latest technology. Our designers are involved in the entire production process, ensuring our products are creative, stylish and ergonomic.
Our own research and development staff.
Our research and development teams also keep on top of the latest advances in technology, making sure the best new ideas are implemented. They work hand in hand with our production site staff to ensure product unit costs are kept on target and implement quality control checks throughout the production process to ensure we make modern, reliable products.
A network of our modern production plants.
Our network of production facilities give us the ability to produce a wide range of top-quality appliances, from coffee makers to portable DVD players. We use only reliable and modern facilities that can cope with demands in terms of quality, price and technology.
All this means that we can provide you with all kinds of creative and innovative products at the best prices.

Our customers.
We provide our Orbit brand products to distributors all over the world and we
welcome any new partnership business.

We think that we offer top quality products at competitive prices and can offer you a
range of quality, ready made goods that today¡¯s consumers want, and we can offer
them delivered directly to your door.
OEM development partners:
We do not just produce Orbit brand appliances. A large part of our business is
helping our customers develop and produce their own brand appliances.
We receive many requests from companies that wish to take an existing Orbit
brand appliance, make a few alterations and then release it under their own brand
name. Our design and development teams can shape our existing products to suit
your own specific requirements, and to carry your own brand name.
We are not just limited to modifying our own existing product range. We can help you develop any new product on ODM basis.With this you gain access to our expert R&D and product development teams which can tailor your desired product designs to meet the demands of your market.

Our customer service.
We at Orbit truly appreciate that customer service begins at the first point of
contact with our team, and continues right through to a comprehensive after-sales
support programme.
We know that the best way of ensuring repeat business is to keep our customers happy, whether you are a consumer that has bought just one toaster, or a big brand name company that has ordered ten thousand DVD players.
We say that at Orbit everything revolves around customer care ¨C let us show you!
Customer care for our end consumers:
All our new products come with warranties that can be registered on-line. We also provide free replacement instruction manuals and computer driver programs that can also be accessed on-line at our website (see our website¡¯s customer support section).We have a team of customer service staff on hand to deal with consumer requests and problems ¨C just email our help desk at [email protected]. We will
never ignore your requests and guarantee a prompt response.
For our business partners:
We take our business partnerships seriously. When you work with us, either as a distributor of Orbit products or as we help develop your own brand products, you will have a regular account manager appointed to look after your account.Our account managers will keep you up to date with what is happening to your order.
They will help you by offering design advice, providing prototype or sample products, keeping you informed of the latest production schedules, development issues and order fulfilment times.
We also know the importance of costs – we aim to fulfil every order on time and on budget. By supporting and understanding customer¡¯s concerns and localising ourselves with their market, has infact reaped us rewards in terms of customer confidence.

Transportation and timely delivery.
We realise that delivery schedules are important and that the best projects can be let
down by logistical delays.
We can organise the shipping and delivery of your orders for you. We have experienced freight partners that give us access to an established world-wide freight network. We are also experienced in handling customs import and export procedures world-wide.
You will not need to worry about lengthy customs delays, paperwork, or booking the right amount freight space ¨C let us do it for you.

Our quality guarantee.
Quality control is a central part of our entire production process. All our products undergo rigorous testing and are designed to be top quality, long lasting appliances.
We offer comprehensive warranty and repair policies, so that in the unlikely event that our products malfunction you can repair or return them easily.
Our Audio/Video & Household products carry CE,GS,UL,TUV,VDE approvals.This in turn endorses our quality assurance and sense of caring for our customers.

Get in touch today!
Prospective distributors….
If you think you could become a distributor for Orbit products, or want our help to develop your own brand products just email us at [email protected]. Our team would be very pleased to extend their fullest co-operation in developing business with you in your market areas.
Our consumers can also find the nearest Orbit distributor at our contacts page or if you prefer you can always contact our Hong Kong head office, where we have helpful, knowledgeable, English-speaking staff on:
Telephone: +852-2735 9118
Fax: +852-2735 9119
Email: [email protected]

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